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The Paranormal News Insider is a paranormal news show that airs live at 8 PM eastern every Tuesday night on the Paranormal King Radio Network. It is hosted by Dr. Brian D. Parsons who has a wide background in paranormal investigation, UFOlogy, and cryptozoology, is an author of six books and is a public speaker on a variety of topics. Brian lead a paranormal investigation team for 15 years before moving into independent research and is currently the Executive Director of ParNexus Anomalous Research Association, Director of Ohio Cryptid, and is a member of the Cleveland UFOlogy Project, MUFON, the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society, and other groups.

The Paranormal Poll is back!

Check out the official Paranormal News Insider "Paranormal Poll" page. This year the Paranormal Poll might determine the Top Ten Paranormal News Stories of 2019, including the number one story!

Vote today and check back often as I will add new polls from time to time.

2019 Show News

The Top Ten Paranormal News Stories of 2019 will begin during the December 3, 2019 show. The annual countdown will conclude two weeks later during the December 17th show as there will be no show on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve holidays. The countdown will focus on the top stories of 2019 that made the most impact and/or were the most viral in the media and social media.

The Paranormal News Insider celebrated show #400 on the July 16, 2019 episode. While I didn't go into much celebration during the episode it certainly means a lot to have been able to do this show for over ten years and to reach another milestone.

The Paranormal News Insider celebrated TEN years as a radio show and podcast in September of 2018. Through a number of networks and going on its own back in 2015 the show has continued to educate and inform those who listen. Thank you to those who have listened to any of these segments or shows over the past ten years as you are the reason why the show continues to air!

The Paranormal News Insider made its debut during the first week of September in 2008 as a short segment during the monthly Grand Dark Conspiracy radio show. In August of 2010 (after 23 shows) it went to a weekly format from August 30, 2010, until December, 2013, (162 shows) on various internet-based networks. The show continued on August 5, 2014, on WQTT AM 1270 from Marysville, Ohio, during the Grand Dark Conspiracy.

In February, 2015, the Grand Dark Conspiracy changed its name to Darkest Hours Late Night. In May, 2015, the Darkest Hours Late Night left WQTT and despite attempts at a comeback the show ended and the Paranormal News Insider was now homeless. On September 8, 2015, after 230 shows the Paranormal News Insider became a one hour standalone show on WCJV Digital Broadcasting airing on Tuesday nights until its final show on April 17, 2018 after 127 shows on the network. July 17, 2018, the show became part of the Paranormal King Radio Network staying at its Tuesday night time slot.

The Paranormal News Insider will return LIVE on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at 8 PM eastern. The show will now be produced by the Paranormal King Radio Network.

The Paranormal News Insider celebrated its 300th episode on January 31, 2017. It has taken over eight years, multiple networks, and many changes over the years to finally wrap up this many episodes. I shared some "inside" information about some past episodes as well as answered listener questions. It is a great accomplishment of the show to have lasted this long and to still bringing you the truth, from the inside.

The Top Ten Paranormal News Stories of 2017 has begun with the November 28, 2017 show. Over the next few episodes we will explore the top ten which will culminate in the reveal of the top two stories on the December 26th episode. What will be the number one story this year? What will hit the cutting room floor? Listen each week as we peel back the layers on the news that created the paranormal in 2017. The Top Ten Countdown has become a tradition with the Paranormal News Insider since 2010 and it continues today. You can also read about the Top Ten stories at the official blog home of the Paranormal News Insider on blogspot.